Visiting the Kids and Grandkids

We left the Rainbow’s End Escapee Park on Friday morning and headed to Houston to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. It was an easy ride through Houston this time and we got to their driveway in record time where we set up the coach. They had a 50 amp outlet installed to make our stays on the driveway comfortable. We prefer to stay in our own little house so that we can stay with the pets some of the time because our daughter has some serious allergies to them.  The grandkids love coming into the trailer, however, because it’s like a little playhouse to them. It has lots of fun buttons to turn lights on and off, a big TV to watch movies on, and of course pets to play with.

It was a very busy weekend! To my surprise (not really), my daughter had some sewing and embroidering projects for me to do. She wanted school emblems embroidered on some of the kids uniforms. Since I haven’t done extensive embroidery on my little travel sewing machine, it required a little bit of learning and two trips to quilting/sewing shops to get supplies needed. Discovering new quilting shops in itself was fun and we picked up a new project for me to do in my leisure time. Well, after many hours, I completed the task, not as well as I would have liked, but I guess it is good enough for this time. Then there was a pillow seam to mend and I had a lemon chiffon pie recipe that I wanted to make for them. And, there are little kids to love and play with in between all of that.

The next day, we had a visit from one of her friends who came to show us her beautiful baby that I hadn’t met yet. It was so good to visit the couple again and meet the beautiful nine month old. Then my daughter and I went off “girl” shopping while the men were stuck doing other errands. That evening we planned to watch the Super Bowl but the kids could not get a signal in the house. We had a strong one in the coach, so that’s where we had our Super Bowl party complete with snacks, drinks, and pizza. It was a great time.

Monday morning came, and everybody was off to work and school. We did one last errand and headed off to Galveston Island State Park to get a campsite. We’ll have some fun and get ready for the kids to come and join us for a long fun weekend.

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