There Is No Paradise

Relaxing by the water
Relaxing by the water

Or another way of putting it is, “nothing is perfect.” Actually, this little phrase came up with another couple at the Sequoia RV Ranch. This nice RV park was located right on a sweet, trickling brook. The river sounded so soothing as it rolled over and around the rocks in its bed. We paid the price to have a site overlooking this beautiful scene complimented with birds flitting amongst the trees and bushes. It was lovely, almost paradise. But just keep looking at the river because if you look away, you will see a lot of campers who all also want that little piece of paradise. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t great. And I got my full hookups so that I could catch up with laundry and take long showers. I really can’t complain too much. But…

Taken after everyone cleared out, the river sites next to us have picnic tables but little separation.
Taken after everyone cleared out, the river sites have very little separation.

Thankfully, the “campers” next to us didn’t open up to our side. They were in a very large, very nice, very new motor home. They tended to like to be outside and listen to their music, not very quietly.  They seemed to enjoy sitting in their zero gravity camp chairs and drinking a lot, really a lot. They also left their dog loose, so that when we came by, it came rushing at our dog. (They were lucky that Coda wasn’t hungry – it would’ve been only one bite). But last, not least, when they were packing up to leave, the man put his sewer hoses on our picnic table! Really?? And he couldn’t figure out what he did wrong when I asked him why he would put that on our table. So gross!! Totally unacceptable behavior and very poor camp etiquette. Hopefully, we won’t encounter too much of that further along in our journey.

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