Seminole Canyon – January 2018

After we left San Antonio, we headed to Seminole Canyon State Park which is midway to Big Bend. A great stopping point pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was surprised to see how nice the campsites were, half of  them with electric and water hookups.

Most of the pictographs were located under overhangs, protected from the weather.


Here, along the canyon walls of the Rio Grande River, you will see many spectacular pictographs left behind by ancient dwellers. Today, you can only hike in the canyon with a guide (and a small fee), but it is worth it. The pictographs are spectacular. The trails are not hard for healthy and fit people. First you hike down into the canyon and then go back up midway to see the pictographs under overhanging ledges. With my vision problems, I had some difficulties negotiating my way. On the next big hike, I will wear my contact lenses and hope that makes a difference.

There are also other hikes and bike trails. One of the trails takes you down to the river to view a panther pictograph across the river. Unfortunately, we both were still under the weather, so we did not hike it.

The campground was very nice and so relaxing that we chose to stay an extra night to try to recuperate a little more before heading off to Big Bend National Park.


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