San Antonio February 2017

After a short stay in Corpus Christi to make decisions on our travel plans and to take a day for laundry and sightseeing, we decided to wander up to San Antonio to visit with friends and family. Since we weren’t certain that we were going to go that way, we hadn’t made earlier reservations and now were trying to get a spot in the city to hang out for a few days. The problem at this time of year is that everyplace fills up in San Antonio because of the rodeo.

Out campsite outside of San Antonio. Located south of town, it’s located in a bit of a wasteland for good food (the closest restaurant we ate at was about 30 minutes away), but it served it’s purpose for us.

So with some googling and phone calls, I was able to pin down a spot about 20 minutes from town that had a park-like picture, full hook-ups, and not too expensive. We made a reservation for four nights at Eagle Ford Estate RV Park. This would’ve been a beautiful place with just a little work. Level the sites, clean up the trash, put a picnic table and maybe fire ring at the sites, and enforce the pet policy (there were a lot of loose dogs and cats on the grounds). On the plus side, there was quite a bit of space between RV’s (at least for a private park), and a lot of large mature oak trees throughout. It looked like there were a lot of long-term residents and just a few short-term campers like us. Not perfect, but it served it’s purpose for us.

Time to celebrate friendships! The day after we arrived, we got together with friends that we met in Oregon shortly after we started our RV journeys. Like us, they had also purchased one of the last-made Excel fifth-wheels, although they are full timing. We have been in touch via social media and email, but this was our first meet-up since Oregon. We went to lunch at Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in San Antonio (which is outstandingly delicious and I highly recommend). After our very long and wonderful lunch, we went back to their RV at Traveler’s World and visited for quite a while longer. It was so much fun to share our stories and experiences together and they are such warm and delightful people. I’m glad we were able to get together and look forward to meeting them again somewhere on the road.

The following day, we met with Opa’s colleagues from his work days. This is the third time we’ve met with them in San Antonio. Previously, they had hosted wonderful dinners for us. This time we convinced them to join us at a restaurant in downtown San Antonio. We dined at Zinc Bistro near the Riverwalk. It was great to socialize and catch up with them. Afterwards, I wanted to stroll just a little bit along the Riverwalk. It’s fun to see all the lights shimmering and reflecting off the river and so wonderful to be able to walk and not body bash through it this time.

On our last day, we met with Opa’s cousin and her husband. We met with them last year too, and I find it funny it funny that while we are both from the Midwest, we meet in winter in San Antonio. We went to Jaime’s Mexican Restaurant and chatted so long that the restaurant already had closed, literally had keys in the door, and had been wiped and swept clean,  while they politely waited for us to leave. Good restaurant, good staff and food, and great lunchtime company. Can’t wait to see them next year. It looks like we have a tradition to continue.

It is quite humorous that we go to San Antonio to socialize and eat good food. It was wonderful to see and celebrate some family and friends again. Each year, the number of people we visit with in San Antonio grows. Who else will come visit with us in San Antonio next year?



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  1. Glad to hear that you had such a good time in San Antonio, meeting up with old friends and family.

    1. It is a fun place and interestingly enough, has become a meeting spot for us with friends and family. I know some great places for lunch if you want to join us sometime!

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