Recombobulating in Eloy – February 2018

We had made a reservation at the Silverado RV Resort in Eloy to meet with our friends. We met this couple in 2015 in Eugene, Oregon while we were getting solar panels put on our new fifth-wheel Excel. They came in with hopes to do the same with their brand new Excel. It seemed that both of us had purchased two of the last Excels made by Peterson Industries before they shut their doors. And so we both drove our new Excel’s off  the dealer’s lot with no factory warranty. We seem to have had a lot in common at that point. They became full time rv’ers and we’ve kept in touch sharing our adventures via social media ever since. We were able to meet up with them last year in San Antonio for lunch. This winter, they spent a lot of the winter at the Silverado RV Resort in their Excel and explored surrounding areas in a nice little car they bought. It is always fun to catch up with them and share our stories with each other.

Originally, we had called and made a reservation for two nights, enough time to meet with our friends and get laundry and some cleaning done. Then we planned to move on down to Organ Pipe National Monument. Well, our plans have changed now. Did I mention in my last post that we have lost our minds? Yes indeed we did! We saw one little rv that knocked our socks off and the price was right. So, just before leaving Tucson, we made the phone call and put a downpayment on that little beauty. We have just complicated our lives quite a bit!

So we pulled in to register at the Silverado RV Resort and explained our new complicated situation. Can we have the site for longer? 10 days? We explained that we just bought a new class C and were going to pick it up the next day. The new plan is to pick up our new rv and park it beside our fifth-wheel to pack it up to leave and try it out at Organ Pipe for 3 to 4 nights. Then return and unpack it but leave just enough in it for Opa for a later solo drive.

Socializing was a big part of the park community.

When we arrived, our friends invited us to join a group for happy hour before serving us dinner in their rv. We immediately became aware of how friendly most of the people there were. They were having a huge block party on the next day as well. We left in the morning to get our new toy and prepare it for its maiden voyage. We came back to a wonderful block party but didn’t spend too much time because we were trying to get our new rv ready to roll.

The next morning was shopping and repairing a small crack in the windshield on our new motorhome. (Ten minutes after we drove it off the lot, we took a stone on the freeway during the drive from dealer to Eloy.) In the afternoon we finished packing (almost) everything we’d need for our shakedown trip.

We enjoyed 4 days away, which will be discussed in a future post, and then returned to unpack most stuff and prep the motorhome for later. Now, a little more laundry, a little more socializing, and Annie, our fifth-wheel is getting a thorough wash and wax. We’re getting ready to continue our adventure in our fifth-wheel at Dead Horse Ranch State Park near Sedona. Whew! I need a vacation!

Annie getting a much-needed wash and wax.

The Silverado RV Resort seems to be a very pleasant place to stay (if you don’t have to deal with the management, but that’s another story). It is an rv park so the rv’s are all lined up in a row but there is a lot of space for each site. It is full hook ups. There aren’t any special views but it is not far from Phoenix or even Tucson. And there are tons of activities for everyone to participate in. There is a pool, a club house, and all kinds of sport activities. The cost to stay here long term is very inexpensive and reasonable. I can see why it is so busy and the residents seem to be very happy and sociable. It certainly turned out to be a great place for us at this time.


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