Kids, Grandkids and Dinosaurs

Days 5-7

We had a wonderful time with the kids and grandkids while camped in their driveway. Great meals, good company and two days enjoying the little ones alone. But after four days of living half in their house and half in our trailer, it was time for us to start working our way to our next destination to check out dinosaurs.

Day 8

Our original hope was to connect with friends in San Antonio on our way north. Because of our plans with the kids, we had only one night that worked for us, so it was far from a sure thing. And unfortunately, that timing didn’t work out this trip, so we’ll catch them next time.

"The World's Tallest Statue of an American Hero" ... like someone in another country would be trying to compete with a taller American hero statue?
Billed as “the World’s Tallest Statue of an American Hero” … I was impressed that this American hero statue in the USA is taller than the American hero statues all over the rest of the world.

Instead, we spent the morning on errands and then braved Houston traffic and headed toward Dallas. After two hours or so of fun driving through Houston, we finally escaped and the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Sadly, between our late start and the city traffic, we had to pass by such exciting places as the Sam Houston Statue Visitor Center.

We arrived at the park shortly before nightfall and got set up. Oma was thrilled that she was able to snag a great campsite. On the water with full hookups and lots of space is rare, and that specific combination probably won’t be repeated on this trip.

Days 9-12

Due to heavy rains a couple of weeks earlier, the swim beach and all trails were closed in our park, which limited our activities in the park mostly to our campsite. They did have a nice playground which we checked out.

Two small feet appear above the side of the hammock.
Just hanging around at the campsite.

The big adventures were all about dinosaurs, of course. Oma talked about that in her post. But we put that large campsite to good use also. Whether it was hanging around in the hammocks, testing our new pie irons out with calzones, reubens and apple pies (thanks D2!) or the obligatory s’mores, we took full advantage of the dry moments and wonderful location.

Following lunch on Mother’s Day, the kids packed up and we bid them farewell. We had a fantastic week with them, but after two great weeks of focus on family, we were going to be on our own for a while.

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