How to Get Annabelle Home (and What to do with Annie)

So we find ourselves in southern Arizona with a truck, fifth-wheel and a motorhome. Not the best plan, and not one that I really recommend. But here we are.

We briefly contemplated taking both RVs along for the remaining two months of our trip. But besides having no navigators (we’d both be driving a vehicle), figuring out how to fit a fifth-wheel, truck and motorhome on every campsite (if it was even allowed) seemed a stretch. And several places we’re going have no more campsites available so we can’t reserve a second campsite for the motorhome.

We could take the new motorhome with us and park the fifth-wheel. But the fifth-wheel is full of stuff (including lots of food). We can’t fit 18 cu. ft. of refrigerated and frozen stuff into a 6 cu. ft. fridge. And we don’t want to leave a bunch of food in a stored trailer.

So the plan is to store the motorhome for six weeks in Arizona. We’ll continue our trip in the fifth-wheel, as we originally planned. Once we get to our daughter’s in the Houston area, I’ll fly back to Arizona and drive the motorhome to Houston. We should be able to store the motorhome near our daughter’s house while we’re in the area.

We may choose to store the fifth-wheel in Texas, although hurricanes and flooding are common in the Houston area, which is a concern. If we don’t store the fifth-wheel, we’ll take both RV’s home. Either we’ll caravan them home with Oma driving the motorhome, or we’ll drive the fifth-wheel home and I’ll fly back to Houston and repeat the drive home with the motorhome. Either way, next year we’ll once again enjoy winter in our spacious fifth-wheel.

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