Homeward Bound – April 2018

We left Galveston Island with Opa driving the 5th wheel and Coda and Chewbacca navigating. I followed in our new motorhome with our cat Leo helping me navigate. I will admit that I was a little concerned about driving alone, but I seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly and survived driving through crazy Houston traffic and beyond.

As with most COEs, the campground was beautiful.

We made it to the Texarkana area later the first day day. We were able to get a campsite at Rocky Point COE campground at Wright Patman Lake and Dam. Some of the campground had been closed due to significant flooding, but there were still a lot of beautiful sites open. We needed a site to fit our 5th wheel and motorhome and they were able to accommodate us.

One of my favorite signs – don’t drive your car in the water.

After a check on the weather and seeing a big storm heading across our travel path, we decided to stay an additional three days. We were lucky to have landed in such a beautiful campground.

Many campsites were under water

Once the weather cleared, we still had three days of travel to get home. One night, we stayed at a very lovely and roomy rest stop, and the next in a Walmart lot. Finally we arrived home safe and sound only to get smacked with below freezing temperatures and the biggest snowstorm of the season! What a welcome home!

Chewy helped navigate home.

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