Day 110

We arrived home in the early evening after our weekend camping with the grandkids. The house – at least this time – survived without incident. No storm damage, no failures. The hot water and appliances all started back up without issue.

It was a great trip. Too short in many ways. The trailer was very comfortable, and while it didn’t offer all the comforts of home (Oma particularly missed her bathtub), we enjoyed all of the time we spent traveling in it.

The one thing I did learn was that once we really started heading home, we wanted to get home. We’ve felt that way on our short vacations, but I had thought that with our more leisurely travel pace, we’d want to slowly wander home. Turns out we like the pace to be slow at the start and throughout the meat of our trip, but once we choose to head home, we’re ready to shift from a leisurely stroll to something more like a slow jog.


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