Heading South Towards Galveston – March 2018

After the kids left, we spent one more night at Caprock Canyons. This gives us a chance to tidy up and relax a little before travel. We wanted to go south one more time to get some beach time before we headed back home. And what better place for us than Galveston Island State Park. We would still be able to see the kids a couple of times and enjoy beautiful beach time.

The beautiful CCC-built lodge at Lake Brownwood State Park

We were looking for a place with full hook ups to do laundry and deeper cleaning along our route to Galveston Island. Lake Brownwood State Park would be perfect. Even better, we started to see green grass on the drive and leaves on trees. Nice! We spent two nights high up on the bluff overlooking the lake. We had a beautiful spot where I could sit out and admire the view in between wash loads. There are plenty of hiking trails there for hiking, a fishing pier, and a few more campgrounds and cabins. There is also a large recreation hall with a dance pavilion, a grand staircase that leads from the water to the hall, and picnic shelters all made by hand with local materials by the CCC. And what beautiful work they did! It was a pretty nice campground with my only complaint being that there was some kind of noise that continued day and night near our campground. Was it a generator? Was it for wastewater treatment? It wasn’t excruciating loud, just mildly obnoxious.

On the next day as we headed out on our drive , we saw beautiful bluebonnets along the roadside to Bernhardt wineries. Bernhardt winery  is a part of the Harvest Host program of which we are members. Basically, they allow you to boondock on their property overnight. In exchange, you are asked to make some kind of purchase. We have no problem in purchasing good wine. So we enjoyed wine tastings and picked out a bottle to enjoy in their beautiful park like setting. They are also dog friendly, so Coda could join us outside. The best part was that Opa could drink also, and all we had to do was walk back to our 5th wheel for the night. Bonus! It was a wonderful, romantic, relaxing evening.

The following morning was an easy departure as there were no hookups to unhook. We continued our drive down to Galveston Island. We just needed to make it through Houston. Not my favorite drive, but one we’ve made many times now.

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    1. Yes, that was pretty much the first green grass and budding trees we had seen.Stopping at a winery is always fun, but getting to stay overnight is so much better!

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