Getting Ready

Getting ready for this long trip has been a huge task.  It’s so much easier if you go for a week or two.  You can make do without a lot when you forget something.  But on a long trip, the trick is to think of everything you would need and or like, and then to make it fit without weighing down the coach too much.  Everything you take needs to be stowed as well so that it’s not flying all around while driving or even when leveling (sometimes that looks like an earthquake)!  Sure, there will be plenty of stores along the way, but I really don’t want to be doing that kind of shopping while traveling. Plus, I don’t want to duplicate items.  I’d rather spend my time exploring and relaxing.

This year “getting ready” has a lot of firsts.  It’s the first time setting up the coach, so many of the things will stay in the coach for repeated use. It’s putting together all of those things that is a challenge right now.  But it will make getting ready very easy for future trips.

We’re also trying to modify our existing driveway to accommodate this new bigger rig.  So we’ve been out clearing brush, taking down some trees, and moving my big rocks that I want to keep.  We’re doing some of the work to keep the excavating costs down.  It’s very physical and I’m so sore and tired!

Then there’s finding new homes for all of my beautiful plants!  And finding someone to maintain the lawn and keep an eye on the house.  Planning, planning, planning!  It’s a lot of work!

I did some searching for basic rv camping checklists for getting the coach ready, and they helped a bit.  But bottom line is that packing is personal.  What do you want in your kitchen?  How are you going to cook?  Do you want to do any outdoor cooking and what will you need?  Are you going to picnic or carry foods on a hike?  What do we all need!  It’s taking a bit of thinking to complete our kitchen with our style.

The pantry and refrigerated foods are still a problem for me.  We have decided to turn off the refrigerator and freezer in our home while gone.  That means things in there now will either come along or be trashed.  What do I really want along for cooking in the next few months?  Ugh, I hate throwing anything out!  The same with the pantry.  Some of those foods will have expiration dates.  What stays and what is reasonable to take along? And I will have to wash and clean out the refrigerator and freezer before leaving.  I don’t want to invite bugs, rodents or yucky mold, etc. in while things are not in use.

We plan everything to accommodate kids and grandkids joining us occasionally.  That means enough bedding, blankets, towels, and dishes too.  We have loved camping with them in the past!  Making them feel welcome and giving them a nice time goes a long way for me.  It’s Oma heaven!

Next, I can’t forget about bathroom supplies and a first aid kit.  Maybe I’ll find that I’ve had a lot of things that I don’t need for far too long.

We of course will need basic rv maintenance stuff.  At least I can totally dump that area on Opa to figure out.

Opa is also totally responsible for all of the entertainment.  Opa even picks out my shows and books.  He just puts stuff that he thinks I’ll enjoy on my iPad and kindle and I pick as I please from there.  He really does a great job!  I will, however, bring some of my quilting projects along.  Yup, the little sewing machine and some stash comes along.  There will be days of staying in when I will have the luxury of quilting.  I guess I’m responsible for that!

The dog and cat need their food, toys, bedding and medications.  Need to find some space for all of that.

And my clothes!  I get two drawers and one short shelf.  I have to be prepared for hikes, campfires, touring cities and museums, some nice restaurant eating, beaches, biking, and basic hanging out.  Then there’s weather, hot or cool, dry or rainy.  I can’t take all of my coats, jackets, shoes, boots, pants, shorts, and tops.  What mood will I be in? This is going to be crazy decisions!  I guess I’ll start by picking out clothes that fit.  That will actually narrow things down significantly!

Can’t wait until we’re on our way.  Then I’ll be done worrying about all of this!

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