Escaping the Snow and Ice

I love snow especially when it’s falling slowly from the sky in big crystals.  I love going out for a walk or to cross country ski and then sit in front of a warm cozy fire sipping hot cocoa. But when the snow turns to hard ice and the wind tries to rip your nose off your face, I’d rather be someplace warmer! And I can! So we got Annie packed and watched the weather. Sunday was an overcast sky but no precipitation and it looked like a clear route going south. Off we went. We’re headed to Houston to spend some time with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids and then wander west.

On our first day, we finally stopped just south of Springfield, Ill. We stopped at the Double J Campground. It was perfect. Just off the interstate and with full hookups. There was still snow on the ground but less than at home. We will not dewinterize the coach yet. It was very peaceful and quiet. We took the dog for a walk, microwaved our dinner, watched a show, and snuggled under the covers for a good night’s rest. Got up in the morning, fixed breakfast, and on the road again.

The second night, we made it to Forrest City, Ark, (just west of Memphis, TN). We stayed at Delta Ridge RV Park which again was right off the interstate, full hookups, and convenient to restaurants and grocery stores, etc.  Finally no snow and the temperatures reached 60′ during the day. Now we were able to dewinterized Annie. Then, we walked over to the Ole Sawmill Cafe for a nice “grandma style” meal and back for a good nights sleep. The next morning, a well earned shower, and off down the road.

But we decided to make this a short day. We have driven past Hot Springs National Park a few times in the past and this time we had some time with no snow on the ground, so I wanted to check it out. The adventures begin ….


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