Camp Timber Lake (Huntington, IN) in early Spring

View from site 32; site 31 is to the right, and site 2 is directly across along the lake shore

There are not a lot of private campgrounds open during the winter and early spring here in the midwest. Camp Timber Lake in Huntington, Indiana is one of the exceptions.

Camp Timber Lake is located on a small lake, with small areas of woods along about two-thirds of the shore. Even in early spring it seemed to be a pretty setting.

Camp Timber Lake clearly caters to long-term and seasonal residents. The majority of the RV sites are allocated to these groups. There are also 19 tent-only sites. We noticed a little noise in the morning as a couple of residents behind us left the campground (for work, presumably), but it was brief and really not bad.

Annie and The Beast in site 31; site 32 is empty next to us. The wooden cover is over the site 32 winter water supply located below ground. You can see that our left wheels had to be raised off the ground to get level. Seasonal trailers are visible in the background.

Sites 31-34 are pull-through, full-hookup sites that are usable year-round. We stayed in sites 31 coming and 32 going. Neither was level front-to-back or side-to-side. (Site 33 seemed to be the most level of the four, but was taken.) During the winter and early spring, the water is below ground (to keep it from freezing), and it is a long reach down to turn it on. (There is a separate above-ground water tap that is used during warm weather.) The good news is that the below-ground valve is a lever-type valve rather than the common screw valve, so once you reach it turning it on and off was easy.

Empty waterfront sites 2 & 3 in front of us

With no one in any of the sites along the lake, we had great views from both site 31 and 32.

There being only one other transient RV during our stay, we did not have a lot of interaction with the staff. (The office was closed most of the time we were there.) However, our dealings with the office staff on check-in were good, and when I had difficulty getting the sewer cap off, it took less than ten minutes to get someone with a bigger wrench.

There were no issues with our dog. And with so much of the campground empty at this time of year, it was easy to find a spot well away from everyone to let the dog run off-leash after being stuck in the truck much of the day.

The zip-line courses were not running, but would probably be fun for the kids. They go across the lake in several places. Fair warning – some of the zip-line platforms are located in tent areas. It could be entertaining to have a front-row seat, but I’m not sure that I’d want my campsite to literally be in the middle of a very active zip-line area.

Overall, for early spring camping, we liked Camp Timber Lake enough to come back on the way home. It seems like it’s probably a good option in the summer as well, especially if you would use the zip-line.

We stayed here using the Passport America discount: 10% off on Thursday, 50% off on Monday.

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