Camp Cooking? Not!

Image of herb and spice bottles filling drawer
One-fourth of our total kitchen drawer space is devoted to spices and herbs

Although we’ll be spending a lot of time in state and national parks, Opa and I plan to feast just like we do at home. Most of our campsites will have electricity. So now, cooking over the campfire or on a small camp stove is mostly in the past for us.

Three-burner stove, convection microwave and residential refrigerator
Our three-burner stove, convection microwave and residential refrigerator. With the convection microwave, we deleted the larger propane oven to get more storage space. Dog and cat food are going where the oven was.

Fifth wheels usually come with a three-burner propane stove top. We ordered ours with a small convection microwave oven and a residential refrigerator/freezer. Of course, we’re bringing along our tabletop outdoor grill. But we’re going to be living in this fifth wheel and that stovetop and convection microwave are a little small.

So what to do? Granted, we can’t take along the whole kitchen, so what can we take that will be most useful? Opa came up with an induction burner. It’s a nice big plate that works very efficiently and uses electricity. Great for making chili, gumbo, goulash, spaghetti sauces, or soups. Also, great for using a big frying pan just like you would use it at home. Opa also picked up a griddler which also uses electricity. It makes awesome panini sandwiches, burgers, etc. and has a flat surface for pancakes and bacon, and another plate for waffles. It can also be used to quickly unthaw frozen meats.

A pot of chili on the induction burner
Making chili on the induction burner

Then there’s the 6 qt. roaster. I love cooking in the roaster and it’s very useful since we only have the small convection microwave as an oven! Meatloaf, shredded pork, chicken, and the list goes on and on.

And who doesn’t love fresh hot bread! Yup, the bread maker is coming too. These four extra appliances along with the convection microwave oven, the tabletop grill and, when necessary, the three burner propane stove, will allow us to feast just like we do at home.

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