Beginning Our 2016 Summer Adventure

Finally, made it out today! Got up at about 6:30 a.m. but it still took four hours to finish getting the last bits packed and the house closed up. I can’t believe that we stuffed everything from our (not full) house refrigerator/freezer into the truck camper refrigerator/freezer. And then of course, cleaned the house fridge out so the ants don’t move in. Oh, it would be so much easier being full time (I didn’t just say that!) It was 92 degrees at home when we left. We drove for a leisurely 5 hours with a nice lunch stop along the grass at a Travel Plaza, and made it into our campsite at Lake Wissota State Park in Wisconsin by 3:30. The temperature on our truck said it was now 71 degrees. Much better!

Wildflowers at Lake Wissota State Park

Due to the unreasonably hot weather we have been having in Wisconsin, we thought that it would be good to reserve a campsite with electric, should we need to run the air conditioner. And although, the temperature felt reasonable when we arrived, everything was wet and humid, and I just wanted to be a little cooler. So we’re cooling off as I write.

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This looks like a beautiful campground. The sites are very roomy but not all have electric. There is no sewer and/or water hookups in any Wisconsin state campgrounds that I know of. There are a lot of hiking, bike and horse trails at this park.

I’m really glad that we left the air conditioning on through the night because it rained a lot and pretty heavy at times. I am so grateful that we aren’t tent camping anymore. I love my bed and kitchen and bathroom!

Opa and Coda along the Lake Trail
Opa and Coda along the Lake Trail

After breakfast, we took a long walk along the Lake Trail, came back, showered, ate lunch, packed up and headed for our next destination – Duluth, to meet with the Wisconsin Excel club.


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