Beach Time at Galveston Island State Park – March 2018

Galveston, oh, Galveston,
I still hear your seawinds blowing – Glen Campbell

Yes, I am addicted to Galveston Island State Park! I love how we are camped just over the dune on the coastal beach. I can see the waves crash from my RV windows and I hear them crash day and night. The winds blow the sea air continuously toward us. I walk the beach several times a day with the sand oozing between my toes. I share the beach with shorebirds and seashells. It is relaxing and hypnotizing. Yes, there is a road not too far behind us, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got that totally blocked out with the help of the sounds of the crashing waves. And I’m not too far from my daughter, son-in-law, and precious grandkids. Life is not just good, it’s amazingly terrific!

The state park looks a lot different at the end of March than in January.

It’s been really nice and warm down here and with it being spring break for some, the beach and camping area has been really busy. We got in early the first day of our two-week stay and got set up, relaxed a little, and got to bed early. The next morning, I was dropping Opa off at Bush International Airport In north Houston. He was flying back to Phoenix where friends of ours were picking him up and taking him back to the Silverado RV Resort where we left our new motorhome in storage. He then was driving it back to Galveston Island solo. And I got to drive home from the airport solo through Houston in our huge truck. I survived.

While Opa drove for three days, I kept up the fort on this end. I also tried to make arrangements with the park staff to somehow park our extra rv. They had an overflow parking lot that we could park it in for just $5 a night. Perfect solution and we can even see and walk to it from our campsite.

On Saturday, our daughter called and asked if they could come and visit and do beach time. Opa wasn’t back yet but was due back that evening around supper time. Then she called again and asked if they could stay overnight with us. Of course! Their tent has not been replaced yet after the windstorm in CapRock Canyon. So just then a lightbulb went off inside my head. Since Opa would be back with the motorhome, and there was an open site right next to us, I wonder if I could reserve that site for the night and let the kids sleep in it? That would give everyone a little bit more room and space. I went back down to the ranger station and sure enough, it is going to work out.

The kids got here before Opa and started enjoying some quality beach time. Then Opa came with the motorhome and we got it ready for their use. Next was another fabulous dinner. And finally, a great campfire, compliments of the kids, with marshmallows to roast and somemores to create. Then bedtime. Opa was happy to have a quiet space and the kids and grandkids were loving their own place with a tv in the bedroom. Happiness galore! Morning brought us another beautiful day for lots of fun at the beach. Then a yummy lunch in Galveston and it was time for them to go home.

We did get to our daughter’s place one day to do laundry, cook some goulash for dinner, and make Oma cookies with help from my granddaughter. It was a lovely visit! The next day some storms came in and it was a good day to stay mostly inside and listen to the wind and rain.

We still had plenty of days left of beach time with warm sun. Plenty of beautiful sunrises over the gulf and sunsets over the campground. Another wonderful visit with the kids and grandkids, and then it’s time to plan our route home caravanning with two rv’s.


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