An Overnight at the Winery

We left Fredericksburg and are now headed back to Houston, and another visit with our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. But we needed to find a place in between to break up the drive a little. We are members of Harvest Hosts and decided to look at options with them. Members of Harvest Hosts can boondock at a unique location for free, and are simply asked to make a purchase from the host in return. Bernhardt Winery was in line with our travel plans. And I love drinking wine!

We called Bernhardt Winery and made arrangements to stay overnight with them. They asked us to park in a large grassy area that stood between their tasting building and the vineyards. It was a beautiful area and we had a terrific view of the vines. After we were comfortably set up (boon docking and still hitched), we went in for a wine tasting. Usually we share a tasting because Opa has to drive back from everyplace, but today there was no more driving involved. We each enjoyed a tasting and then ordered a glass to sit out with in the garden area. They even allowed us to bring Coda into the yard with us. We had a long lovely relaxing time.

Just before closing time, we noticed another motorhome pull in for the night. We were no longer alone. We shared conversation with them for awhile and then went on to create a fine dinner for the evening.

It was a lovely stay, good wine, and the proprietors were wonderful people. It was very enjoyable and I hope to do this more often. Onward to Houston.

2 thoughts on “An Overnight at the Winery”

  1. Harvest Hosts sounds like something we should look into. Is it only wineries? Sounds like you had a pleasant stay there.

    1. Carol, Harvest Host is primarily boon docking at wineries, farms, and some other tourist attractions. We also went to an Alpaca Farm that was part of it. That post is coming up sometime soon. I really enjoy it, although, we haven’t used it as much as we should’ve. I really have enjoyed the stays we had.

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