A Stop in Stewart / Hyder – August 2018

We left the beautiful Kinaskin Lake Provincial Park campground in hopes to find bears in Hyder, AK. Stewart, BC is a forty mile side-trip off the Cassier Hwy, and the tiny town of Hyder, Alaska is just across the border. There is not even US customs at the border, although there is Canadian customs when you return to Stewart.

We drove past these cute black bears that were wandering along the Cassier Highway.
Bear Glacier between the Cassier Highway and Stewart

Well, we certainly did see black bears along the road and beautiful glaciers and scenery as we headed to Stewart. However, when we got to the visitor center in Stewart, things were not sounding as promising as we had hoped. Along the way, we had heard people say that the bears were not very happy with the recently constructed viewing platform along the creek, and few bears were coming to get their salmon there. This was again confirmed by the people at the visitor center. The bears weren’t there. At best, there were one or two that occasionally showed up, but nothing like it used to be and nothing like Haines. I was hugely disappointed.

Stewart is connected to the Pacific Ocean via the Portland Canal.

Another attraction in Hyder is the Salmon Glacier. You can drive right up to it. Well, that is if you have the right vehicle. We weren’t feeling like it was a great idea to do it in our Class C, so we opted out of that. Then there’s The Bus, a seafood restaurant actually run out of a bus. It is known to have amazing food. But I guess we weren’t willing to go through the border crossing just for lunch. I did have that knotty log that could cause problems.

Opa and Coda on the boardwalk at Stewart
Stewart, BC

So we stayed in Stewart for a little while. Our friends caught up to us and we enjoyed a walk on the marsh together. Then we checked out the town and found a cute place to have lunch. The local RV parks did not look very appealing to us so we moved on in search of a provincial park that was back on the Cassier Highway.

The view from our campsite

We came upon Meziadin Lake Provincial Park and for the first time on our way south a provincial park was quite full, but we drove around and found one open spot with hook ups right on the lake with a tag for one night only. It had an amazing view! We took it right away. Later, our friends pulled into the park and found a spot a little farther back. After we both were set up, they came down to our campsite and we were going to sit and enjoy the lake view, but the rain started pouring down. We all moved into our motorhome and enjoyed an evening of drinks, snacks, and games. It was a really good time.

Meziadin River

This campground was so beautiful, it would have been very easy to stay longer. But our plan was to move on and avoid the fires in between us and home. We said our good byes to our friends and unfortunately, our paths went different ways for good and it was the last time we would see them on this trip. We are keeping in touch and hope to meet up sometime again.

There was not a lot of space between the road and railroad in places.

I had been looking very forward to visiting Hyder. But this surely wasn’t turning out to be a good time for us to visit. I hope that next time will work out better.

DAY 95

Miles: 208
Diving time: 4:30
Overnight: Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, Stewart, BC
Weather: Mostly cloudy (53/60)
Total miles since crossing Canadian border:  6,347
Total miles:  7,915

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