Northbound March 2017

We had hoped to travel to Florida from the Mississippi coast, but since it was spring break, it was impossible to find any openings in the state parks. I looked into some of the private RV parks, but I was unwilling to pay the exorbitant fees for these crowded resorts. So northbound it is.

The sun peeking through the woods in Twiltley Branch Campground
One of many beautiful sunsets over Lake Okatibbee at Twiltley Branch Campground

I found a beautiful ACOE (Army Corps of Engineers) park a few hours north of the coast, but had to wait 48 hours to confirm a reservation. So we needed to find something in between. Opa checked with Harvest Hosts and found a couple of interesting options, one that was boon docking at an alpaca farm. Well, that’s the only one I heard. I was delighted to get an opportunity to stay at an alpaca farm! So we headed off to A Stroka Gene-us Alpacas.

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