San Antonio February 2017

After a short stay in Corpus Christi to make decisions on our travel plans and to take a day for laundry and sightseeing, we decided to wander up to San Antonio to visit with friends and family. Since we weren’t certain that we were going to go that way, we hadn’t made earlier reservations and now were trying to get a spot in the city to hang out for a few days. The problem at this time of year is that everyplace fills up in San Antonio because of the rodeo.

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A Day in Corpus Christi – The USS Lexington

After more than a week of dry camping on Padre Island, we headed back to Colonia Del Rey RV Park for laundry. I had wanted to tour the USS Lexington (CV-16), an Essex-class aircraft carrier commissioned in 1943 during World War II and also seeing service during the Korean War and Vietnam before finally being decommissioned in 1991. We hadn’t been able to do that yet, so while we were still in Corpus Christi we spent an extra day to tour the carrier.

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Padre Island NS February 2017

After we left Galveston Island, we headed to Corpus Christie and stayed at the Colonial Del Rey RV Park. This put us in a perfect position to head for the Padre Island National Seashore bright and early the next morning since it is only 25 minutes away. And with full hook ups, I was able to do laundry and some cleaning up too. Opa went and did some necessary grocery shopping and fueled up the truck.

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