Galveston Island January / February 2017

After Atlanta State Park, we were able to continue and traveled to our daughter’s house southwest of Houston, where we spent a long weekend on her driveway. We finally were able to give┬áthe grandkids and grown kids their Christmas presents. It was a wonderful weekend and then it was time to continue with our original plans. Monday morning we headed to Galveston Island State Park where we had booked a reservation for a month-long stay.

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On the Road Again – Winter 2016

We got off to an almost perfect start. We set off on our winter journey on December 27. The day before, we got lucky with unseasonably warm weather which cleared the driveway of snow and most ice and gave us a comfortable opportunity to finish packing. The next couple of days looked good for traveling with no weather issues. Nearly everything was packed and ready for a very early morning take off. Unfortunately, Opa woke up and was not feeling well. So, my brain had to refocus and I started making plans to spend the day or more at home. I started by making a big breakfast since there wasn’t much to do anyway. Then I snuggled in my recliner and enjoyed some Facebook time and morning tv. I was making plans in my head to work on an unfinished embroidery project. Just as I was all set in my plans for the day, Opa announced that he was feeling good and was ready to travel. Ugh! Ok, quickly clean everything up and get moving. Ironically, we were on the road at about the same time that we left the year before.

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