12% Grades and Twisty Mountain Roads

The trip from Finger Lakes to Southeastern Pennsylvania was a bit longer than we prefer at 340 miles, but certainly doable. It was a mix of back roads and some interstate. In order to avoid low bridges and road weight limits, we try to stick to truck routes when towing the fifth-wheel, and that’s exactly what we did on this drive. I use Google, the Allstays app, and a truck atlas for guidance.

We’ve driven through the mountains in the west with no issues. Through either luck or good planning, we’ve never needed to take the trailer up or down a grade more than about 8%, something that is usually very manageable for Opa by downshifting into 3rd or 4th gear and using the brakes occasionally to fine tune our speed. He’s always felt comfortable on descents as long as he has relatively cool brakes (because the engine is keeping the truck/trailer at speed) and has a lower gear to shift into should the road get steeper on the way down.

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Although we’re not huge architecture geeks, we’ve been on a bit of a roll lately with Frank Lloyd Wright. We toured Taliesin last year, and toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s S.C. Johnson buildings this fall with our Excel group while I was healing. Oma loves water and Fallingwater was close to our next destination (the Shenandoah’s), so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to tour the house built over a stream.

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