I-90 and the RV/Motorhome Museum

Our destination was the Finger Lakes, in New York, about 800 miles from home. We got the house closed up and were on the road before 11:00 am. Five (six with the time change) hours later, we decided to take advantage of free overnight parking at the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

Our "campsite" at the museum. Two other RVs were parked to our right.
Our “campsite” at the museum. Two other RVs were parked to our right.

For free parking, our spot was fantastic, with the trailer door opening onto a nice grassy area. The grounds were nicely landscaped, with plenty of room for the dog to wander. We ended up being one of four RVs that stayed overnight. The only negative was traffic noise from I-80, which was fairly loud with the windows open.

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On the road again

Finally! After more than a month and a half of being stuck at home, we’re back on the road. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I have more weeks of healing before my wound is fully closed (estimates range from ten days to more than a month). So we’re adjusting our plans … again.

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Destination: Washington (DC)

Did we say we were going to Washington? And you thought we meant Washington state (perhaps jumping to that conclusion from the maps we included)? Really, we meant Washington DC. You must have misunderstood us.

Okay, so maybe the plan was to go west until we hit the ocean. Six weeks of antibiotics and a minor surgery later, that plan is no longer viable. It would be late September by the time we make it to Washington state, and October on the northwest coast and in the mountains is getting pretty iffy weather-wise, especially with the truck camper (not as well insulated and pretty cramped on crummy days).

Time for plan B.

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