A Departure from “Vacation Mode”

Days 31 – 40

After pushing reasonably hard for a month, we took advantage of Park of the Sierra’s low normal rates and a one-time special offer of seven days for the price of four. We were able to enjoy full hookups (although we did have restrictions on washer and dishwasher use) and 50A service in a quiet RV community, all for an effective rate of less than $15/day. Quite a deal.

I had figured that by the time we reached here, 3500 trailer miles from home, we would be ready for a break, and I was right. Even Oma seemed ready for a little break. Although the park was a bit farther from Yosemite Valley than I would have liked, our stay here was exactly what I hope many of our stops become in the future.

Of our nine full days here, we traveled into Yosemite three days. We took a day and rode our first logging train on a former logging railroad. We went into Madera (35 miles away) two days for lunch, wineries and errands. And we spent three days close to “home”, relaxing and doing some chores like an oil change for the truck.

It was really wonderful to not have to be on the go every day. It was nice to stay settled for more than a week. It was nice to vary our outings and experience different things than we could have if we’d only had a few days.

We won’t always have full hookups. We won’t always stay a week or two at a time (nor will we always want to even if we could). But I think future years will bring more stops like this.

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