Reflections of Snowbirding 2016

We wanted to get out of the bitter cold of Wisconsin for awhile. Why not? We have the means to do so. We also tried to make our escape work between two of the grandchildren’s birthdays. That meant to leave late in January and arrive back home in late March or early April. That also meant that we were traveling in cold weather and dodging snow both ways. We did plan and watch the weather carefully and luckily avoided driving in bad weather.

It just took two days of driving south to get into warm and wonderful weather. We had a great time in Hot Springs, Arkansas and all of Texas. We met with lots of friends and family in Texas and had a great time.

We moved on to New Mexico where we learned a big lesson on choosing campsites. If it’s too much trouble to get into the site, just leave. Even if the campground appears to be full with just that one site left, leave the campground! ┬áNever try to get into a site unless it’s easy. No second guessing.

Then we moved on to beautiful Tucson, where everyday was beautiful and we stayed in my cousin’s beautiful landscaped yard. It was fun sharing time and meals with them and exploring wonderful Tucson. Even after Opa got sick, it was nice to recover in a beautiful warm and sunny environment.

And then it was time to head towards home. Every day that we moved further north, it got colder. It even snowed a little. And now I’m sitting at home and it’s grey and cold outside. We have to come up with another plan to leave earlier, come home later and fly home for birthday parties. But what about the animals?

Homeward Bound

Leaving Tucson, we wanted to pace ourselves and take it easy. We had an appointment at the Excel Service Center in Smith Center, Kansas that we needed to get to by March 28th at 7:30 a.m. That meant we needed to be in front of the service door the night before.

So we backtracked, and our first stop out of Tucson was back at the Escapee Dreamcatcher’s RV Park in Deming, New Mexico. Then we checked the weather which was predicting extremely high winds the next day. We decided to hit the road early and hopefully be off the highway before the winds got too strong.

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